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Tips and Tricks Free Internet

For you who are searching how to get free internet with GPRS on your mobile phone and wanna to try how fun use free GPRS?? please try one by one few tips at below. But this tips its very old, and might bugs are will be fixed. But, this tips ever succeded used by several indonesian people, included i'm sure. So, why this tips old and still post by me?? cause I think, at some area this tips can work properly, patience.. but if you success with this tips, please share your experience..

For CDMA F**r**e**N

  • setting your browse, fill Manual Proxy, Port 554
  • setting your modem fill “AT+CRM=1” without tanpa tanda kutip pada bagian Extra Initialization Commands.
  • Now, you can do dial-up. username:m8 password:m8 dial: #777, then open your browser (recomended use firefox), if failed, try more.. disconnected and connected again
For GSM 3 (T*h*r**E*E)

  • Acces Point Name : 3mms
  • at browse setting : DNS 1 :, DNS2: or 6 digit last can be change
  • dial up : username and passwors 3mms
  • if you connected, to be sure you get IP Client 10.25.*.*
  • do connect / disconnect until u get client IP 10.25.*.*
  • recommended use firefox browser
Or you can try this way:

  • Acces Point Name 3gprs
  • at your browser setting, fill Manual Proxy with Proxy from Emirat Arab dan Port 443 atau port 53
  • Do dial up : username and passwors 3gprs
  • Recommended use browser Opera 5 or older
For GsM X***L
  • proxy dan port 8080
  • Dial up
  • Recommended use browser Opera and used modem mobila symbian OS
or user APN : and Proxy 554 or 551

For GMS IM****3
  • APN :
  • URL :
  • IP : and port IP:9201
  • Recommended use IE browser
That's all of old tips and tricks free GRPS for operator in Indonesian.

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