Isnin, 9 Jun 2008

How to Convert a .pdf file to HTML or plain text

Step 1
There is a feature in GMail that will convert Adobe PDF documents into HTML files. [In addition to PDF, it will convert any Microsoft Office document to HTML.] The very first thing to do is create a Gmail account if you don't already have one. This is free; go to Google and click on mail- register for an account.

Step 2
Next, compose an email message to yourself in Gmail.

Step 3
Attach your PDF file. You can attach several files simply by clicking on "Attach another File".

Step 4
Send it to yourself using your Gmail address. It will instantly appear in your Gmail account. Open it.

Step 5
Click View as HTML at the bottom of the message. [You can also click on plain text if you prefer then follow the same steps as the HTML instructions.]

Step 6
You can then save it as a document file by cutting and pasting into a new document. Save it with a new name in your documents files.

Then, you can cut and paste it wherever you want! Go ahead. Have fun.
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